Graffiti Remover

Australian Cleaning Group graffiti removal program involves a cooperative effort between Public Works, the Police Department, residents, and property owners to remove graffiti from private property.

To remove graffiti, call Australian Cleaning Group at 0414 784 336 or email us. Once the graffiti is reported, an inspector is sent out to examine the damage and to schedule cleaning of graffiti on public property.

Graffiti removal

Australian Cleaning Group have set the benchmark in environmental removal of Graffiti. Traditional methods of removal, spraying graffiti remover and paints by using a wand or gerni are both dangerous and environmentally distructive.

If removers are used and sprayed with high pressure they can become air, ground or water bourne, and this can potentially cause heath threats, particularly respiratory problems, for operators or pedestrians. Water on pathways can be a slip hazard, partials of brick or stone have the potential to injure someone. From an environmental perspective, uncontrolled water flow can reach waterways, leach in to soils and kill plant life.

Australian Cleaning Group best Graffiti Remover sprayable liquid quickly dissolves graffiti. Australian Cleaning Group has a pleasant fresh and clean scent. Australian Cleaning Group soaks through graffiti into masonry surfaces. Deep rinse additive allows graffiti to be easily pressure rinsed out of masonry pores. Australian Cleaning Group will easily remove multi-layered graffiti or graffiti that has been painted over! Australian Cleaning Group is so effective the need to pre-coat masonry with sacrificial or permanent coatings is not necessary.